Thursday, March 20, 2008

Master of the universe

I watch quite a bit of TV and that often includes special episodes or series based on science. Quite often when I get flustered with my own research, these shows will renew my passion and interest for science and remind me of why I am working on a PhD.

I get many of the shows I miss through the internet via multiple methods including web feeds (YouTube), download sites (bit torrent) , and live streaming (p2ptv). Disclaimer: Some of these methods may be illegal based on your location or the tv show provider so check out your laws first. :)

The first show I want to highlight is Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe. This was a nicely balanced hour long segment that included just enough science along with a history of Hawking's debilitating illness. I remember my uncle giving me Hawking's book, "A Brief History of Time" when I was very young ( I am guessing around ~12 years old). I think I may dig it out and reread it with my much more educated brain.

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