Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I recently found out about Mygazines.com, a website that allows users to upload and share scanned copies of magazines. This new form of digital piracy is getting the copyrights enforcers attention. I figured the site would be fairly lame with barely readable faded copies of old obscure magazines, but after checking out the site I was quite impressed. The images are clear and the website design is as good as any new social website. Over my lunch break I checked out the September issue of Discover and read a great article about personal DNA testing (p35). Personally, I don't see that many people cancelling their subscriptions, since most people still prefer to read from real paper. However, I was curious to see if any scientific journals were on the site. I figured some of the big ones such as Nature or Science might be, but ater a quick search it seems there are not that many scientists uploading yet. Of course I have access to all the science journals I need through my university, but I wonder if scientistis that don't have access would use such a source for information?

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Benjamin Good said...

Umm.. of course they would :). Do you know anyone so angelic in their conformance to the copious and confusing rules of copyright that they would not read an article they were interested in because of where they found it ? Not me