Friday, November 14, 2008

My New Little Scientist

My first baby was born on Nov. 5th weighing in at 7lbs. After much debate during the pregnancy my wife and I decided to name him Gavin Nathaniel Langille. The first week was tiring of course, but I don't think I really noticed due all the excitement and the newness of it all. However, now that I am in the middle of the second week it is starting to catch up with me!

One thing about having the baby is that I am very focused on finishing my PhD and I am in serious job hunt mode. People keep asking me about what type of position I am looking for. The most likely is a post-doc in academia, but I haven't ruled out taking a job in industry. I have at least one post-doc position and one bioinformatics scientist position industry that I plan on applying by next week.

I would have to say that the biggest limitation for job hunting is location. Having a baby really is drawing me to move closer to home, Atlantic Canada, but I am still keeping a fairly wide search distance down to the Boston area.

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