Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking for a bioinformatics expert?

What I have to offer:
  • A balanced background in both biology (BSc) and computer science (BCS)
  • Soon to be completed PhD
  • Extensive research experience in bioinformatics, genomics, phylogenetics/phylogenomics, evolution, and bacteria pathogenesis
  • Some previous research experience in medical imaging, ontology development, and metagenomics
  • An impressive publishing record (7 papers, 3 first authors, 2 more first authors under review)
  • Solid computational skills including Perl programming, database design (MySQL), parallel programming, and web design (PHP & JavaScript)
  • Good communication and social skills
  • More information
What I am looking for:
  • Post-doc or job (academic or industrial)
  • Preferably, a position where I have some significant manager or leadership responsibilities
  • Geographically interested in north eastern parts of North America (Ottawa down to New York), but would entertain positions elsewhere in N.A.
I didn't put any limitations on research interests, since I am open to many areas. However, anything having to due with the human microbiome project, human-bacteria interactions, or metagenomics would be of particular interest.

Please email me if you are interested or if you have suggestions on some good openings.


Benjamin Good said...

I'm looking for an expert.. I have this big project I need to finish in two weeks that requires a skilled, PhD level bionformatician's attention - formatting my PhD thesis document! ;). 5.5 years of training and the pinnacle is document formatting skill..

More seriously, have you looked at the Nature jobs board?

Morgan Langille said...

Hmmmm....I can manage large datasets easily, but formatting a thesis in Word is much tougher problem ;)

Surprisingly, I haven't looked at Nature Jobs yet. Thanks for the reminder!

Jonathan Eisen said...

Am hiring

In exactly your areas

We should talk

Morgan Langille said...

Thanks Jonathan for contacting me. I look forward to hearing more about your positions!