Monday, May 28, 2007

Creation Museum

Today is the grand opening for the Creation Museum located just outside Cincinnati, Kentucky. I read about it in a Globe and Mail news article and couldn't help myself from blogging about it.

I am still shocked whenever I hear the statistic that ~45% of Americans believe in Creationism. However, I really wonder if it is fully explained to the people being polled that this means that our planet is ~6000 years old, humans co-existed with dinosaurs, and that millions of species have gone extinct in that amount of time. Have all of these people really took the time to think about what their beliefs are and what science implications are rejected by them by their choice? If so, I would feel much better about the situation.

However, I do worry about the gap between the public and science increasing over time. How do we keep the general public up to date with technology and science when the speed that they are increasing at is so rapid? Does anyone else see this as a potential problem?

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